Royal Worcester Artists

Royal Worcester Artists

Shaw called his company the Sheaf Art Pottery, but the wares produced were not produced by hand as in many art pottery studios – rather they were mass produced in moulds and then hand decorated. They were very ornate and heavily decorated with gold and a lot of hand painting. Over the years many different decorative techniques were used and so a wide range of fancy goods can be found today. In the early s aerography was used with hand painting, followed by lithographic transfers with hand embellishments. Lustre wares were produced and, from the late s until the s , a cellulose finish, in imitation of Wedgwood jasper ware. In the s a matt glaze was created and applied to a huge range of animal figures, vases and other decorative items.

Ossett – the history of a Yorkshire town

Pottery stamp to reverse side Bourn Denby Superb near mint condition. This is a really beautiful mottled brown glazed example featuring the face of the bearded man on the shoulder and large coat of arms on the belly of the bellermine. The jug dates to about circa Height just under 9 inches. No cracks or repairs, the jug shows light age wear as you would expect after more than years.

Antique dealers and associated businesses in the North West of England,UK.

Doors are open from You will find pieces from the founder William Moorcroft, his son Walter and up to the present day designers produced at the world famous factory in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Please take your time to browse through the pages as I am certain to have something of interest to suit all tastes. As a dealer I have acquired an extensive knowledge specifically concerning the modern designers with their patterns and shapes which are often detailed on the backstamps.

As an active dealer I have gained a reputable attachment to many enthusiasts and dealers both in the UK and Worldwide over the years. Please deal in total confidence as all of the stock is fully scrutinised prior to it being offered on to the web site.

Highlights of Past Auctions

Collecting Moorcroft Pottery in Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Collecting Moorcroft Pottery in In collecting Moorcroft Pottery remains enormously popular with salerooms seeing quite a broad range of buyers still bidding at auction. Auction prices do fluctuate, with Moorcroft powder blue pieces selling for as little as twenty pounds, but prices can easily climb to five-figure sums for the largest pieces from the early William Moorcroft Florian range.

The later Walter Moorcroft designs can attract considerably less interest but still sell well. While more recent designs have been widely collected, some of the modern limited edition pieces and particularly those featuring Sally Tuffin designs do bring substantial sums. The early Walter and particularly the William Moorcroft signed pieces are the most sought after.

Pieces in less than perfect condition usually receive more muted responses unless they are very rare.

This mark as william moorcroft vessels, with an impressed mark iii. Offers newcomers suggestions about what to the window with tubeline decoration of the very start until modern moorcroft pottery. Specialist moorcroft. Underneath will be? Mark iii. Picked this mark littler is a girl back with tubeline decoration of moorcroft has marks.

A rare William Moorcroft salt glaze Dawn pattern bowl decorated in typical blue colourway. Signed in blue with W. Dating circa Moorcroft Macintyre Poppy Design Vase Vase of slender baluster form, finely tube lined and decorated in red, blue and green in the Macintyre Poppy design within forget-me-not borders on a cream ground. A rare specimen vase was exhibited at the British Empire Exhibition in The Moonlit Blue has become very popular with serious collectors.

Minimalist versions are reduced to just the peacock feather eye in combination with equally minimalist flower heads. The selection includes a beautiful William Moorcroft vase in his rare Pomegranate design, first produced by William in Depicting hand painted pomegranates and berries in rich deep colours upon a mottled cobalt blue ground. There are several limited editions in this design. Moorcroft Anemone Design Vase Anemone was first produced in The initial design included large open, bulbous flowers and elongated foliage.

Initially only used on two vases, plus a bowl and a coaster design. The hisbiscus pattern was designed by Walter Moorcroft in The arrival of pressed flowers from Jamaica inspired Walter.

Moorcroft Pottery Cellar

Jannel Cruisers started business in in the tiny part that was left of Shobnall Basin. The Hines family reopened the basin and in created a dry dock on the line of the Bond End Canal. The original lock entrance walls can be seen at the entrance to the dry dock. Below is a short history by Harry Hines: Use of the river Trent, which runs through the town, had been tried since Roman times but the further inland, the smaller the boats that could be used.

The winter flooding and shallows in the summer proved insurmountable, however cargo could be carried from the sea as far south as Wilden Ferry, where the river Derwent joins the river Trent and increases the quantity of water, then onwards by road.

Genuine Antique Moorcroft Pottery from trusted antique dealers. This is an original William Moorcroft designed and signed Pomegranate vase dating to circa Stands 15cm tall and measures 10cm in diameter at the rim tapering to 75cm at the This is an early William Moorcroft Anemone shouldered vase with green ground and tube lined.

The earliest recorded Ossett Ingham is William Ingham who was a felt maker, yeoman and Ossett landowner. He first shot the crocodile but didn’t kill it, so he dived on top of it as it escaped back into the river and then despatched it with his bare hands by plunging a hunting knife into its throat. Sadly, William Ingham met a very grizzly death, when he was killed and eaten by cannibals on Brooker Island in New Guinea in December The town of Ingham in Queensland is named after him. Two of Ossett’s most notable men, who are both descended from the same Ingham family above, were both called Benjamin Ingham, but lived at different times.

Much has been written about the Benjamin Ingham, who formed the Inghamite Church and who came to prominence after going to the USA with the Wesley brothers. However, by far the most interesting of the two Ossett-born Benjamin Inghams is the younger Ingham , the great-nephew of the earlier Benjamin Ingham , but who is hardly known outside of Sicily, where he moved to live and work in Not much has been written about this little-known Ingham, who it is said was possibly the greatest tycoon England has ever known.

Ingham made his fortune in Sicily, but invested heavily in the rapidly expanding 19th century economy of the USA.

Moorcroft Marks

Subscribe for full access As a reaction to mass production, ‘art pottery’ enjoyed wide popularity at the end of the 19th century. Among the most successful and enduring was the Moorcroft pottery in Cobridge, Staffordshire. Unusual forms in otherwise commonly encountered patterns will command a premium. Within a year he was in charge of the company’s ornamental ware department and, by , the Art Nouveau-influenced Florian Ware that perfected the technique of trailing slip known as tube-lining had won him a gold medal at the St Louis International Exhibition.

East India Company sea service flintlock pistol, 56 cal., mm barrel, the barrel marked with crown/GP, crown/V, and crown/9, the lockplate stamped with Rampant lion and crown/3, the walnut stock stamped TP below the brass side plate, fitted with brass trigger guard and pommel (antique).

Video about dating william moorcroft pottery: Comprehensive information is given by expert tour guides on all aspects of the hand-made processes of mould making, slip casting, hand turning, tube lining, hand painting, kiln firing and finally glazing. If your Moorcroft clock face stops working within the first two years of its life we will replace this for you without charge upon the production of a valid receipt. Can I return an item purchased on the Outlet page? Can my table lamp be wired for use overseas?

Older trial pieces will not have as much information. Sometimes pewter or silver mounts were applied. Collecting This is often personal but the most desirable consist of beautifully executed works which harmonise the shape colour and design. Can you give me an exact delivery time or date? My piece of Moorcroft has a number of hairline marks on it — what is this please?

In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations faulty items cannot be returned and will not be refunded, unless an item is damaged on delivery and is not fit for the purpose it was made. A lot of this production was to do with utilitarian function such as table ware Thereafter he moved to Cobridge and arguably produce the Art pottery for which Moorcroft is defined by the most discerning collectors around the world.

Moorcroft Pottery dating question

Roseville Baneda bowl The Roseville Baneda pattern is a favorite among many collectors. Even those who prefer the traditional single-color matte finishes often remark on the vivid and bright presentation these color choices bring to this pattern. The Roseville Baneda green vase offers those low resting handles that are always popular. Remember, this pattern was often marked with the foil labels — and this vase has its intact.

Congleton is a town and civil parish in the unitary authority of Cheshire East and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, lies on the banks of the River Dane, 21 miles (34 km) south of Manchester and to the west of the Macclesfield the Census, the parish had a population of 26,

Toponymy[ edit ] Of unknown origin, the first recorded reference to the town’s name was in , when it was spelt Congelton. The element Congle could relate to the old Norse kang meaning a bend followed by the element the Old English tun meaning settlement. Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts have been found in the town. Congleton became a market town after Vikings destroyed nearby Davenport. Godwin, Earl of Wessex held the town in the Saxon period. The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book , [4] where it is listed as Cogeltone: William the Conqueror granted the whole of Cheshire to his nephew the Earl of Chester who constructed several fortifications including the town’s castle in In the 13th century, Congleton belonged to the de Lacy family.

Congleton became notorious in the s when bear-baiting , as well as cockfighting , were popular sports. The town used money it had saved to buy a Bible and it replenished the fund with the income from the increased number of spectators. It became legend that Congleton sold its Bible to pay for a new bear. The chorus of 20th-century folk song “Congleton Bear”, [5] by folk artist John Tams , [6] runs: The legend earned Congleton the nickname ‘Beartown’.

Moorcroft Vases

Introduction In the history of Moorcroft Pottery two players emerge, that is William and his son Walter. The father William innovated Moorcroft pottery and his son carried on the tradition. It is generally agreed that the father was the great figure in this unfolding event. His innovation and quality is revered the world over. Born in Burslem, England in he studied in schools of craft and obtained his Art Masters Certificate in Here he produced the early works of Aurelian and went on to be the innovator of MacIntyre Ware.

Mar 05,  · Dating Moorcroft Pottery. The moorcroft pottery has mainly remained in the hands of one family since its creation and Moorcroft mark changes have been quite few. The main Moorcroft marks changed as William Moorcroft moved from Macintyre & Co, at the end of the 19th century and then when Walter Moorcroft took over from his father.5/5(1).

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Moorcroft Marks A Guide to Moorcroft Marks and identifying dates for Moorcroft Pottery. The moorcroft pottery has mainly remained in the hands of one family since its creation and Moorcroft mark changes have been quite few. The Moorcroft marks remained steady until the modern owners instigated a system of dating and then again until modern Moorcroft design studio artists, where allowed to mark the Moorcroft pottery they personally designed or created.

Modern Moorcroft marks continue to become more elaborate and to provide more and more information. Moorcroft collectors should be aware of the Silver Stripe that sometimes appears and is almost always through the WM monogram. The Moorcroft silver stripe denotes a second quality or imperfect piece that has failed to pass the strict quality control that Moorcroft demands.

These pieces are only ever sold at discounted prices in the Moorcroft factory shop. Sometimes with pattern registration number. Can also be found in black. Sometimes with the pattern registration number Rd No. Sometimes with rectangular paper label used for pricing by retailers. Used prior to and alongside the introduction of the paper label.

Antique Shops in Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire

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Moorcroft Royal Warrant printed paper label – By Appoinment Potters To The Late Queen Mary. In use from to In the Royal Warrant expired on the 25th anniversary of the Queen’s death.

Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks Collecting Antique Ceramics Collecting Antique Ceramics offers the widest range of opportunities for antique collectors, buyers, and sellers. When collecting antique ceramics, you are collecting some of the most delicate, most beautiful and most varied items that manufacturers can produce. There are vastly more antique objects made of pottery, porcelain, earthenware or stoneware than of any other material and you probably have some beautiful antique ceramics in your home.

You are more likely to possess antique pottery and porcelain than you are antique silver, glass or furniture. The care, beauty and craftsmanship manufacturers and artists build into the form, and the decoration of pottery and porcelain is only rarely surpassed by items in other fields of antique collecting. Sales of Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester collectibles continue to rise and prove to be a wise investment over the longer term.

William Moorcroft pomegranate vase Most of your antique ceramics will be Victorian or early 20th century But a large percentage of us have no idea what we have inherited from parents or grandparents, or what we have in our attics, cellars, garages or the back of rarely opened, cupboards and box rooms. The antique marks site will, hopefully, help you uncover the beauty of your own possessions and will also help you buy or sell profitably in the future.

Read on and understand the basics of antique ceramic, pottery and porcelain forms, glazes, and decoration. There are three main types of ceramic material.

Collecting Antique Ceramics

She specialised in flowers and small fruits. She also created several designs featuring blackberries and buttercups. Kitty blake had previously spent time at James Hadleys factory in Diglis road and her Hadley style rendering of bunches of blackberries have become the Kitty Blake signature pieces. They are mouth-wateringly real and much sought after by collectors.

Sell Antiques Promote your stock and antiques business location on this site Find out how. UK Antique Tours Planning an antique buying trip to the UK? Get more out of your visit with tailored UK Antique and Heritage Tours Find out more. Antique Fair Venues Are you looking to promote your venue to antique fair organisers? List your venue and facilities here and reach all UK antique fair.

Please take your time to browse through the pages as I am certain to have something of interest to suit all tastes. As a dealer I have acquired an extensive knowledge specifically concerning the modern designers with their patterns and shapes which are often detailed on the backstamps. As an active dealer I have gained a reputable attachment to many enthusiasts and dealers both in the UK and Worldwide over the years. Please deal in total confidence as all of the stock is fully scrutinised prior to it being offered on to the web site.

However, some may have normal glaze related crazing commensurate with age, found particularly, with antique pottery. Please email for further details on specific items if you have concerns before proceeding with your purchase. All of the images provided are of the actual item on offer and if you click on the image, it will open a new window with an alternative picture of the backstamps which helps in dating the piece of pottery.

Alternatively telephone using the numbers displayed at the foot of each listing page or Home page.

12 Days Of Christmas Moorcroft Pottery

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