Thank you for nine great years

Thank you for nine great years

It’s not fair that the other fandoms have to deal with their dirty laundry being aired; you’re not any more special. This blog has a job to do so let’s get with it. While one side argues that his asthma is indeed a serious condition, the other side doubts it’s serious enough for exemption from active duty service if he continues to smoke. The article below hit 1 last night as with all JYJ articles and I literally had goose bumps as I scrolled down to read the comment section because I had never seen anything like this, even from JYJ fans. You’ve probably noticed in posts where I include up to 10 best replies an article that there will inevitably be dissenting opinions outside of the three best replies, but TV Daily via Nate The original 1 best reply that was voted down, reported, and blinded netizens are informed that the content of the reply is offensive and are given a choice to ‘view it’: How many freaking reports did the crime Y crime girls send in that this was blinded..

Thank you for nine great years

The JYJ law remains powerless in front of the two faces of the broadcast industry Source: Oh My News via Naver 1. The broadcast company closed their eyes and ears to the plight of Junsu and his fans. Poor Hani who had to suffer the hateful comments afterwards as well. I hope both Hani and Junsu find strength

Apr 15,  · However, there were also rumors of being in a relationship with Ayumi Hamasaki. “That is very strange as well. Ayumi cheered for us during the A-Nation performances, which Japan’s Avex holds every year, and last October she came especially to the JYJ Korean Showcase—it seems that rumors arose because of that.

Hani and Junsu have decided to put an end to their relationship after going out for almost a year due to their hectic schedules. Advertisement “It’s true that Kim Junsu and Hani broke up. We cannot confirm the specific time when they broke up. It appears as though they naturally broke up because of their busy schedules,” the agency revealed,as quoted by Soompi.

Prior to the confirmation of Banana Culture, an unnamed source told a media outlet, “There were rumors of them breaking up but they had been meeting well. However, they recently naturally drifted apart due to their individual busy schedules. According to Allkpop , Hani and Junsu usually hangout in Junsu’s place or in his manager’s crib.

While the couple tried to keep their relationship under wraps, it was later confirmed by Junsu’s label C-JeS Entertainment that the two have been supporting each other in their respective endeavors. After six years, Junsu and his co-members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun filed a lawsuit against the agency concerning their contracts. Aside from working with the group, Junsu also pursued solo career and has released several tracks in Japan.

TWICE – KNOCK KNOCK (Japanese ver.)

They are pubs that help you set up blind dates on the go! Since I came to Korea, I heard some rumors about them from my Korean friends, so I was always interested. Not only did it exist, but it had a long line of young Koreans waiting to get into that pub. So one plan-less Friday night, a pair of female expats in Seoul challenged themselves to step foot into a Korean blind dating pub.

Kylie Jenner is livid over rumors that Rob Kardashian is dating Blac Chyna. Chyna is Tyga’s ex-fiancee and baby momma.

Diana Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article One of the most popular concepts often used in K-dramas is the time slip. Though it was used numerous times throughout Hallyu such as in “Rooftop Prince,” “Nine: Jin,” and the phenomenal “My Love From Another Star,” it seems it really took off over the past couple of years. Since , there have been plenty of popular time slip K-dramas that aired included the phenomenal “Goblin” and most recently ” Tunnel.

Kim Jaejoong and Uee. The tentative or working title is “Manhole” and it is a comedy about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening in the present. Kim Jaejoong will play Bong Pil, student studying for the civil servant exam for three years. He is taking his time with the test and doesn’t feel the need to “grow up” thus making him the token unemployed person in the neighborhood.

This in turn makes him the “disgrace” of his family as he depends heavily on his father who is a postmaster. The closer she gets to getting married, the more unsure she feels as she see’s Pil’s love for her differently.

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However, if you take a deeper look into his background, you will find that his life has been full of emotional hardships that is perhaps not befitting of a K-Pop star. It also becomes apparent that Kim overcame many personal adversities, which has become a touching, inspirational story to his fans. Kim was born as Han Jae-jun on February 4, When he was still young, he was given up for adoption by his birth mother.

On July 2nd, though there were no news reports regarding Big Bang’s T.O.P and f(x)’s Krystal dating, there are some K-Pop fans that think the two are indeed a couple.

Are you wondering how on earth all that coalesces into a coherent, action-packed, thrilling hour of television? The action scenes are empty sizzle, and are delivered on a production budget that makes it more campy than cool. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Teams move out — an armed special forces unit SSAT , uniformed policemen, plainclothes officers — via boat and helicopter.

At home base, the senior Coast Guard officers watch the mission unfold while the team moves out. A lieutenant reports a complication to the man in charge, the bureau director, because the target is heading toward international waters. The Coast Guard director finally gives his terse approval, and the teams swing into action. The SSAT agents land on the vessel and infiltrate, subduing the crew and searching for Choi Hoe-gon and his smuggled wares. The ship is clean.

Kim Hee-chul

With the latest couple “Kaistal” Kai and Krystal joining the Asian pop dating scene, we take a look at some of our fave couples that came forward to say they’re dating AFTER the pictures were leaked XD After the secret date snaps were published by Dispatch, SM quickly confirmed the details. Fukase said “Yes,” he was.

Dec 14,  · Wanna become affiliates? then just send us an e-mail to: [email protected] and we’ll talk it over by e-mail ^^Author: DBSK Kingdom.

Chansung, Dongjun, and G. Whether they won or not proved to not matter, as after the match ended, they all congratulated each other with high fives anyway. While the male idols obsessed over winning, the female idols sat around with other contestants and chatted, while occasionally cheering and giving aegyo poses towards the camera. The idols maintained a strict line of divide between the females and males throughout the filming. Even though they moved about freely, greeting friends and joking around, they made sure to never step over the line into the male or female territority.

Due to the delay, the location and matches were also changed. The m race itself was later changed to 50m. Despite all of the changes, representatives of MBC remained silent on the issue, forcing fans to wait for three hours without any update. It will be delayed, so please wait. Female idols seemed to enjoy the race while also maintaining their pretty image, but male idols used all their might in upholding their athletic honor. Check out the pictures below:

Kim Hyun-Joong

Kpop Dating Rumors List Mdcontainer.. The album debuted at number nine on the Oricon Daily Chart. Upon making it into college, Joo Wons father came up with the stage name “Joo Won” for him as the Hangul pronunciation of the name sounds similar to “Godwilling”. In , Seo competed in the Mnet singing contest Superstar K, winning the shows first season.

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In the latest tabloid news, we are hearing rumors of Jung Yong Hwa plastic surgery. The rising stars of Korea are becoming increasingly attracted to the glamor and ease of plastic surgery. True or Not Jung Yong Hwa is the jack of all trades, the singer, actor, producer and songwriter is not only known for his outstanding vocals, but also his boyish charm and impressively good looks.

While, we believe the strikingly handsome actor needs absolutely no help from surgeons to make women all over the globe swoon, the tabloid-writers beg to differ. The rumors has it that the lead vocalist of rock band CNBLUE has undergone the knife and gotten two different procedures to reshape his nose and change his jaw line. From the before and after pictures, it can be presumed that Jung Yung Hwa plastic surgery rumors may not be true, after all!

The before and after pictures of Jung Young Hwa may just be evidence of artful contouring and Photoshop rather than indication of plastic surgeries. The singer-cum-actor has denied dating either of the two popular contestants, namely; Park Shin Hye and Seohyun.

Kdrama Dating Rumors: Park Yoo Chun And Pro Golfer Ahn Shin Ae

So that’s how they got those skinny legs that fits their colorful skinny jeans perfectly? No wonder why some of them really looks so skeletal, yes, I’m pointing to you Jessica. When I clicked and read it, my jaws dropped and Mr. SM pissed me off big time.

In some rumors spread through the internet, YG Entertainment, the label for Big Bang, 2NE1, and Se7en, was planning a world tour with stops in Chile, Argentina, New York, Canada, the .

Link to Detailed Rules 1. Follow Title Guidelines Submission titles should be detailed and direct. Do not editorialize titles or use vague titles. Remember to add flair to your post after submitting. Include English Translations Articles that are entirely in Korean must include an English translation or detailed summary. Single-line or Twitter translations are not sufficient. Do not use machine translations like Google or Bing.

JYJ’s Yoochun Caught up in Dating Rumors + C-JeS Responds

K-pop fandom is not safe from these people, and lately, with the rumors of love between Telisha Shaw and Junsu of JYJ increasing, these hateful people have really started to come out of the woodworks. Their hatefullness is not just spurned from jealousy, but from racism. For too long, Black women have been considered the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel, and the least desirable women in the world.

Even our own men seem to not want us sometimes. We all know its not true, but it hurts. So what happens when a beautiful Black woman comes along, and steals the heart of a non-Black man who is beloved by many women of all races in the world?

Yes, X is dating and as long as it doesn’t interfere with our activities, we don’t care. Get over it and know that harassment is the crime and we’ll sue the fuck out of everyone who interferes with their private life.

Party needs, clothes, etc. You can always request or submit quotes. If requesting by specific Group, no need to add Member Names. You may find it super long. All the men in the world would agree. We’re not the group that will stick to one color. We will never stop reinventing ourselves. All you have to do is try again. I’m a human and it’s not possible to always be happy.

It’s good up to there, but never cut that string. I’m fearless, that’s my youth. We’re different but not wrong. P “A score does not define who you are as a person. I don’t have one.

9 Idols That Have Never Had Dating Rumors

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